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PERRY provides the highest quality Staffing & Recruitment Services to major corporations, government agencies, and privately held companies of all sizes and industries. Because we have a dual employment agency license, we are able to offer both direct-hire and flexible staffing fee schedules. For decades, businesses have relied on us to attract and recruit talent at all professional levels. We know the secret to finding passive candidates, which are often the best employees. As we learn about you and your unique company culture, the better we become at identifying the right people for you. Many of our clients retain us exclusively because we have gained their trust. They know that we are always on the lookout for people that “fit” their organization. We have an excellent retention rate and our service is 100% guaranteed. Hiring through us will allow you to hire faster, decrease turnover costs, eliminate upfront hiring and training costs, and reduce overtime. The bottom line is that, hiring through PERRY can make your company more profitable.

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