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Absence/Lateness: If you will be late or must call-out of work due to an emergency, you are required to call us immediately at (856) 596-9400. After hours, dial Extension 300 and leave a message with your name, phone number, company that you are assigned to, supervisor’s name, and an explanation. You can also email us at .

Access/Keys: As a temporary employee, you may be issued a key, access pass, or key fob to enter in and out of the client building to which you are assigned. It is your responsibility to return any key, access pass, or key fob to PERRY, when your assignment comes to an end, this includes you decide to leave the position voluntarily. In addition, you understand and agree that if you fail to return key, access pass, or key fob, PERRY has the right to recover the cost of replacement (up to $100.00).

Americans with Disabilities Act: Upon request, PERRY agrees to provide reasonable accommodations to our employees with disabilities, so that our employees with disabilities can enjoy the “benefits and privileges of employment” equal to those enjoyed by similarly-situated employees without disabilities.

At-Will Employment: PERRY is an At-Will Employer. This means that regardless of any provision in this employee handbook, either you or PERRY may terminate the employment relationship at any time, for any reason, with or without cause or notice. Nothing in this employee handbook or in any document or statement, written or oral, shall limit the right to terminate employment at-will.

Cell Phone Use: Please refrain from making/accepting personal calls/text messages during work hours, unless there is an emergency.

Change of Address: If you move or change your contact information, it is your responsibility to update us so that we can mail your W-2 form at the end of the year for tax filing.

Communication: As your employer, we may contact you by phone, mail, email, or text message. At times, this may also include mass email, which consent can be withdrawn at any time by unsubscribing.

Computer, Internet & Social Media Use: Computers for business use only. PERRY employees are prohibited from using the company internet for social networking or similar media including but not limited to, blogs (hereinafter referred to as “personal websites”) during work hours. Exceptions may be made for business reasons and/or legitimate business use. When these exceptions are made, employees are expected to show a duty of loyalty to the company and use good judgement and discretion when using personal websites. Employees are reminded that the public, other members of the company, customers and competition of the company can view personal websites and any information posted. Employees are expected to respect the privacy of fellow employees, the company, and other business relationships by refraining from posting information, opinions, or photos that may portray them in a negative manner and publicizing confidential information. Employees are expected to avoid plagiarism and follow copyright laws on personal websites as well as other websites.

Confidentiality: As a PERRY employee, you will not reveal any computer access orders or passwords assigned to or selected by you for use in your work for any client of PERRY. You understand that you shall use your code(s) only to the extent needed to perform the duties of your job, and that it is your responsibility to log off all systems that you have accessed before leaving any terminal that you are assigned to use. You understand that payroll, financial, and employee personnel information of a client of PERRY, whether stored on paper, computer disk, or any other media is considered confidential and that reading, discussing, or otherwise utilizing the information for other than legitimate purposes within the performance of your job may be grounds for immediate dismissal. As an employee of PERRY, you are forbidden from making recordings of conversations held at the company. Taking pictures and/or videos of the company offices, documents, or any other materials is also forbidden. If you have knowledge of any unauthorized access of information, you will immediately notify PERRY, who in turn, will notify the person’s supervisor or Human Resources Director.

Discrimination: Any employee who feels that they have been the victim of discrimination while working for us, please call and report the incident to a PERRY staff member immediately.

Employer of Record: PERRY is your employer of record. This means that although you will be working at another location, you are a PERRY employee. Please call us if you will be late, absent, if you need to take time off, or with any questions regarding your work hours, payment, or issues you may be having on the job.

Equal Opportunity Employer: PERRY provides equal employment opportunity for all people without regard to race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy, gender identity, and sexual orientation), national origin, age, disability or genetic information, or any other government protected classification.

Failure to Complete Assignment: If for any reason, you are having an issue or are unable to fulfill your assignment obligation, you are required to contact us immediately, so that we may inform our client and provide a suitable replacement. If there is an issue, communicating with us will enable us to problem-solve or re-assign you to another client company. Walking-off/quitting an assignment without notice is extremely unprofessional.

Harassment: PERRY will not allow our employees, under any circumstances, to be victimized or perpetrate acts of harassment by/towards managers, co-workers, or others in the workplace. Any employee who feels that they have been the victim of harassment by anyone, please report the incident to a PERRY staff member immediately.

Minimum Wage: The minimum hourly wage in the state of New Jersey was increased to $10.00. Your hourly wage must be at or above this amount. All of our employees are paid at or above the minimum wage.

Pre-Employment Screening: Employees must consent to any type of pre-employment screening deemed necessary, including, but not limited to: skills tests, drug/alcohol screening, criminal history, employment history and/or credit history. All offers of employment are contingent on pre-employment screening.

Professionalism: You are responsible your actions and the quality of your work. Perform your job to the best of your ability, be respectful, and courteous in the workplace. If you have an issue, please call us immediately.

Punctuality: It is critical that you be prompt for your shift and that you return from breaks/lunch on-time. If you have any issues getting to work or returning to as scheduled, you must call us so that we can notify our client company.

Substance Abuse: PERRY prides itself in providing our client companies with employees who avoid substance abuse. You are required to arrive at work alcohol-free and drug-free and remain so for the rest of the working period. If alcohol or drug usage is suspected, you may be asked to submit to drug and/or alcohol testing. If alcohol and/or drug usage at the workplace is confirmed, your employment with PERRY will be terminated. If you accept an assignment in which alcohol/drug testing is required by our client company, you may be subject to discharge if you do not cooperate with said testing. If testing results show that you have used or are under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, your employment will be terminated.

Safety & Training: It is our goal to ensure all of our employees with a safe workplace. If your assignment has specific training/certification requirements, you must be compliant with showing all required documentation of training to your assigned company supervisor and you must wear the required protective clothing/gear to protect yourself and others from hazards in the workplace. If you are asked to perform duties that are outside of your documented skills, you must notify us immediately.   If the position accepted involves Control of Hazardous Energy Sources or Lifting, PERRY provided written and/or video training during the onboarding process and prior to the start of my assignment.

Workplace Accident: If you are involved in an accident while on your assignment, you (or your supervisor) should call PERRY immediately for instructions. If after hours, please seek immediate treatment and call/email our team as soon as possible for further instructions.

Workplace Violence/Harassment: PERRY does not tolerate workplace violence committed by or against employees. Employees are prohibited from making threats or engaging in violent activities. These behaviors include but are not limited to, causing physical injury to another person, threatening remarks, displaying aggressive or hostile behavior, intentionally damaging employer property or property of another employee, possessing a weapon or committing acts motivated by, or related to, sexual harassment/non-sexual harassment or domestic violence.

Unemployment Eligibility: As your employer, it is our responsibility to inform you of legal regulations and our policies regarding unemployment. Perry has amended its policy to comply with regulations passed on February 20, 1996 by the Administrative Law Office of the New Jersey Department of Labor. Our Policy States: You, the temporary employee, are required to notify your employer, PERRY, upon completion of your assignment. If you fail to call within two (2) working days after completion of your assignment, your eligibility of unemployment benefits may be denied.


Hourly Pay: Our temporary employees are paid by the hour. Your pay rate is determined on an individual basis and depends on skill level and assignment responsibilities. Upon accepting an assignment, your hourly pay rate will be given to you by a PERRY team member before you begin your assignment.

Payment: We offer direct deposit for payment. Before beginning an assignment, you will be required to fill out the appropriate payroll paperwork. If you do not have a bank, PERRY can offer you payment through a pay card. It is simple and easy; and your funds will be deposited via direct deposit to the pay card. Although we prefer that your funds be electronically deposited, you can request to have a paper check.

Payroll: Our work week begins on Monday and ends on Sunday. Employees will be paid each week on Friday, for the hours that you have worked the previous work week. If you have direct deposit, your money may be available on Thursday, depending on your bank. You are required to submit a fully completed and verified (signed by your supervisor) time sheet to PERRY each week to initiate the processing of your weekly paycheck.

Pay Stubs: Your electronic pay stubs are available through our payroll company’s website. Please email for instructions.

Timekeeping: Upon accepting an assignment, we will provide you with time sheets to keep track of and verify the hours that you work each week. Time sheets must be received by our office no later than Monday morning, to ensure payment on Friday. You can drop off your time sheet at our office (there is an after-hours mail slot in the door), fax it, or email it to us. We recommend that you confirm receipt of your time sheet.


Holidays: We recognize 6 major holidays each year (New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day). To qualify for holiday pay, you must have worked a minimum of 1,200 hours, with 300 hours in the quarter before that holiday, and work the day before and the day after the holiday.

Referral Bonus: Employees are eligible to receive a $50.00 bonus for each qualified person that you refer to us. To qualify, the referral must register as our employee and work 160 hours on-assignment. There is no limit to the number of people that you can refer or the number of bonuses that you can earn!

Earned Sick Leave: Employees earn (accrue) 1 hour of earned sick leave for every 30 hours worked, up to 40 hours each year. You begin to accrue earned sick leave on your first day of employment. You can begin using earned sick leave accrued under this law on the 120th calendar day after you begin employment. Go to to learn which employees are covered by the law.

This employee handbook is effective as of 10/30/19 and replaces all other versions. This employment Agency, PERRY (iSearch Partners Inc.) is licensed, bonded and operates under the laws of the State of New Jersey and is regulated by the Department of Consumer Affairs.