Welcome to the PERRY Family!

PERRY (iSearch Partners Inc.) is an employment agency. Our firm provides flexible staffing and recruitment solutions to major companies in the greater Philadelphia area. This means, we help fill positions for other companies. As experts in the recruitment industry, we know that looking for a job can be very stressful, so we want your experience with us to be a positive one. Our number one goal is to find you a job, in doing so, we are providing a valuable service to our client companies. You (our employees) are the most critical part of this process. Your work directly influences our company’s reputation. As your employer, we want you to feel valued and respected.

Our best employees come from referrals, so if we help you along the way, we hope that you will recommend us to others. And if you ever have a problem that cannot be addressed by a team member, please feel free to call either of us at any time at (856)596-9400.

-Peggy Allen (Sewekow), President pallen@perryresources.com

-Christina Charles, Vice President ccharles@perryresources.com