Kevin Doolin


Kevin Doolin joined David Perry Associates in 2020, his prior background was with his family-owned national foodservice franchise. We have

Bob Pyle

Director of CPG Recruitment

Bob Pyle has been with David Perry Associates since 1989, his prior background was in Human Resources for a major

Ray Spadaro

Former President, David Perry Associates Corp.

Ray Spadaro, former President of David Perry Associates and former Vice President of Perry Temps Inc. (Perry Resources), began his

Amanda Moorhouse


Amanda Moorhouse joined David Perry Associates in 2019, her prior background was in retail management. Mentored by Peggy Allen, Amanda

Christina Charles

Chief Operations Officer

Christina Charles began with David Perry Associates in 2017. Christina’s prior experience was founder and owner of a highly successful

Peggy Allen (Sewekow)

Chief Executive Officer

Peggy Allen began with David Perry Associates in 1995, the majority of her career has been in CPG Executive Search.


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